"If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all." - John Cage


Filling the tank by Emptying the tank

TL;DR We hiked long and far. It was easy until it wasn't. We skirted bliss, and dipped our toes in hell. 


On "Freedom"

I've been road running a lot lately. Superficially, one might feel constrained by roads. Their linear and grid like structure definitely suggests it. Intersections. Traffic lights. Stop signs. Rules.

Those who run the roads frequently have observed the indignant attitudes and looks of some motorists. Based on experience, a number of my (victimless) actions seem to evoke this response. Running on the road instead of the shoulder. Blasting through a red light when no traffic is there to hit me. Stopping to (discretely) pee. Taking a random diagonal across the middle of the road to cross to the other side. Often though I can’t think of any reason; sometimes “just running” seems to demand being honked at, almost run over, yelled at, flipped the bird, or to become the target of projectiles. At the very least, shot a glance.

It might be easy to chalk these responses up to jealousy. “They just wish they had the moxie to bang out an hour in the pouring rain instead of stopping for some Taco Bell on the drive home”. But I don’t believe that. Not for a second. If that were my attitude, then I might be the most offensive aggressor of all. [Disclaimer: !Yo Quiero Taco Bell!]

Sometimes it feels that the more I run, the more running becomes not about running at all. I am bound by the “Grid”, and yet I feel truly free. There are a myriad of ways to run down the road, and the only real constraint is my imagination.

Perhaps the response of motorists in observing this freedom in movement is indeed a form of jealousy, albeit subconscious. Some people seek “freedom” by traveling the world, others by relinquishing material possessions. In these contexts, freedom is defined as being unbounded. I've always felt that freedom is a state of mind.


2015 Jogging Review

2015 Miscellaneous Debris

I started this crazy sport in 2009, so this was my 7th year of hobby jogging.
  • 5,633 km jogged (A personal best; 2014 was previous best at 3,744)
  • 582 hours jogged (A personal best; 2014 was previous best at 425)
  • ±161,000 m climbed (A personal best; 2014 was previous best at ±133,000)


Through the Heart of Strathcona - Phillips Ridge to Elk River Traverse (In a day)

By all accounts, I should be sleeping right now, not writing a blog post. I took two 20 minute naps on my drive home from Strathcona this morning, as I was simply not safe to drive after being awake for 30 hours and completing one hell of an adventure. But I can't stop thinking about the past day, and really want to get my thoughts down. This might be for the best anyway given my procrastination when it comes to trip reports! I have a lot I want to say, but realize different readers will have different interests, and so I will try to break it down into bits, so feel free to take or leave what you may!


Diez Vista Race Report – My First Strong Ultra


I had wanted to write this race report sooner, but I have to admit that I lost a bit of my mojo. Six days after the race I rolled my ankle pretty hard, and so I went from riding the high of my best raced ultra, to feeling a bit like a lame duck.
Straight from Bag End - I did this AFTER the race on a training run
DV50K was undoubtedly the strongest I have felt in an ultra, and my most satisfying racing win, particularly because I was so diligent in my buildup. I wrote a post last week summarizing my training and lead up to the race. You can find it here.

This report gets a bit lot lengthy, but as I said, this was a really big victory for me. I finally got an ultra right. It was the first time, and so I want to give this milestone in my running career the attention it deserves.